Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tichenor Middle School Jr. Youth of the Year

Kaylin Curry, who is an 8th grade student at Tichenor Middle School received the special recognition of Boys and Girls Club Jr. Youth of the Year.Kaylin was one of 11 students students named from all of the Boys and Girls Clubs in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  She was recognized at the Boys and Girls Club Annual Achievement Luncheon on April 19th held at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati.  Congratulations, Kaylin!

State Assessment Window
The state assessment window will open on May 7th.  Please check your school's assessment calendar to ensure you are present and prepared.  It is extremely important that all students and staff make an extra effort to be present all year long and the assessment window is no exception. 

Staff Perfect Attendance
Kim Nolan from Tichenor Middle School was the winner of the award for the March perfect attendance drawing.  As a reminder, all employees with perfect attendance each month are eligible for a drawing.  Congratulations Ms. Nolan and thanks to you and to all staff members who had perfect attendance during the month of March.

Instructional Rounds
Recently a team of school and district staff members conducted instructional rounds at Lindeman Elementary.  It was a wonderful day with many positives.  Lindeman is implementing focused literacy strategies through programs such as Ortin-Gillingham and many others.  All schools we have visited have strengths to share.  Lindeman is a model for the implementation of Response to Intervention and high level tier 1 instruction for all students.  They, like all of our schools are making strides and great gains with students!

May Birthdays
Happy Birthday to all staff members with birthdays in May.

Kathleen Behne

Angela Bielecki

Thomas Blaker

Joan Bryson

Dianna Burke

Patrick Burke

Robert Durstock

Stephanie Eby

Cleveland Giles

Whitney Gillis

Karen Gillis

Linda Holmes

Doris Hopkins

Julie Ives

Joshua Jackson

Nicole T. Magee

William Montague

Finescha Moore

Lauren Parker

Arin Pattison

Lucretia Pearcy

Melissa Rolf

Constance Rudd

Jami Sastre

Michael Shires

Teresa Siefert

Laura Singleton

Joshua Stratton

William Tharp

Lorrianne Webster

Julie Williams

Quote for Thought:
"In a great teacher's classroom, every student feels like the favorite." -Todd Whitaker

Monday, March 25, 2013

Art Students Create Banner

Devin Trevor and Rikki Dressman, students in Ms. Vogelpohl's art class at Lloyd Memorial High School, created a beautiful district banner displayed at the annual KSBA Conference. The theme was "Taking the Next Step".  Thanks to Devin and Rikki and Ms. Vogelpohl!

Lloyd Students Visit Elementary Schools
During the month of March about 200 Lloyd Memorial High School Students visited the elementary schools Arnett, Howell, Lindeman and Miles.  Each grade level at the high school adopted and elementary school to visit.  High school students read with elementary student partners and plan to continue their visits next year!

Instructional Rounds
District administrators and teachers recently participated in the  instructional rounds process at Howell Elementary School in February and Tichenor Middle School in March.  The process was very informative and extremely positive.  In both schools we saw lots of targeted, focused instruction aimed at increasing student learning at all levels.  The instructional rounds process helps all of us to grow and learn together and is an integral part of continuous progress.  Instructional rounds will continue to assist us in doing all we can to meet the needs our students and enrich and increase their learning.  The next instructional rounds process will be in April at Lindeman Elementary.  Thanks to everyone involved in the process including the students classroom teachers who welcome everyone into the classrooms.

Federal Grant Received
The Erlanger-Elsmere School  District was awarded a federal school counseling grant this school year.  The district partnered with Dayton and Campbell County through the NKCES grants consortium to complete the grant.  Vicki Dansberry assists our district and others in researching and writing grants through the consortium.  The counseling grant currently funds a full time counseling position at the middle school and will do so for three years.  The grant is also in partnership with NKU and Dr. Brett Zymroski, who serves as a consultant with Tichenor and the district through the grant.  As a result, all of our district counselors have been involved with a book study on Evidence-Based Counseling.  They are working at designing and implementing evidence-based counseling programs and services which will have positive impacts on student learning.  Tichenor Middl School Counselors Angie Bielecki, Amy Gillio, and Kendilynn Madden recently presented at the

Tichenor Middle School Counselors Present at National Conference
Tichenor Middle School Counselors Angie Bielecki, Amy Gillio, and Kendilynn Madden recently presented at the National Evidence-Based School Counseling Conference March 18-19 at the NKU METS Center for Corporate Learning (3861 Olympic Blvd.) in Erlanger.
The Northern Kentucky University School Counseling Program collaborated with the NKU Center for Educator Excellence and the Ronald H. Fredrickson Center for School Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst to present the conference.

The conference focused on equipping professional school counselors with the skills to choose evidence-based interventions and the tools to evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs by measuring the impact of interventions on critical measurements such as test scores, grade-point-averages, post-secondary going rates, attendance rates, office referrals and drop-out rates. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Focusing on Students

Planning for Student Success and Maximizing Learning:
On March 15th staff members in all schools were working diligently in their buildings.  Teachers, principals, and other staff members were involved in training and planning geared at maximizing every student learning opportunity left in the 2012-13 school year.  As I reviewed agendas for the day and sat in on trainings there was one common theme:  STUDENT LEARNING.  Schools were discussing and planning to do everything possible to individualize student learning opportunities to take all students to the next level.  In many schools, it felt like the first day of school and it is great to see and hear such focus and enthusiasm on doing what is best for our students!
Tichenor Staff Members Collaborating on March 15th.
Lloyd Students Receive  IC3 Certification
Students in Ms. Albrink's class  received their IC3 Certification. " The IC3 is a global certification program that
is designed to certify an individual's digital literacy skills associated with basic computer and Internet use. IC3 is the first computer certification to be recognized by the National Skill Standards Board (NSSB).  This is a great accomplishment!  Congratulations to the students and Ms. Albrink!
Lloyd Students Receving their IC3 Certification:
Back row:  Najam Mughal, Dexter Smith, Landon Montgomery
Front row: Tomi Mejolagbe, James Exterkamp, Michael Straub, Andrew Stookey
District Electronic Version of Disrict Newsletter Engage
The Erlanger-Elsmere District Newsletter Engage is mailed to all residents two times a year in hard copy.  A shorter, electronic version of the newsletter is also sent more frequently to all parents for whom we have an email address and staff members.  You should have received an email from Erlanger-Elsmere Schools with which contained the newsletter for March.  If you missed the email the link is posted on our district website and also listed below.  Please share information with us you think would be newsworthy and we will add the information to Engage.  

Employee Perfect Attendance
We provide monthly incentives for our students and we would also like to provide a recognition to our staff members with perfect attendance.  We will be conducting a drawing monthly for each month left in the school year for all employees in all positions with perfect attendance.  The winner will receive a gift card.  The gift card is not funded through the district, but through a donation.  For the month of February, the person with perfect attendance who has won the gift card is Phyllis Ginn, teacher at Howell Elementary School.  Congratulations Ms. Ginn!  We will be conducting the staff member perfect attendance drawing for the month of March on April 15th.  The name of the winner will be posted on this blog. 
Energy Management
Thanks to all staff members assisting with conserving energy in our buildings.  We are seeing savings in almost every building.  The efforts of maintenance staff, custodial staff, food service staff, teachers, and paraprofessionals are very much appreciated.  Collaboration with our district energy management consultant has been wonderful.  Keep up the great work!  Thank you!
Happy Birthday to our Erlanger-Elsmere Staff Members
I planned to start off the new year by publically wishing our staff members with birthdays happy birthday each month.  I am sorry to say I am behind, but in order to get caught up, we are wishihg everyone below happy belated birthdays for the months of January, February, and early March.  Happy upcoming Birthdays to everyone with April Birthdays.  I hope to keep on track for the few months left of school, the summer and the start to end of the 2013-14 school year.
Ophelia Bigford
Karen Costello
Paula Davis
Desta Donnell
Scott Fairchild
Juana Lily Fowee
Aubrey Gibson
Melanie Gleason
Pamela Gott
Tammy Hughes
Connie Kendall
Thomas Krpata
David Lewis
Jennifer Martin
Tina McGuire
Georgia Noll
Barbara Pawsat
Regina Pelfrey
Mary Kate Pilgram
Diane Rumer
Cody Ryan
Cheryl Schmitz
Fayetta Snider
Claire van den Broeck
Clarence Voss
Krista Wainscott
Cheryl Wyckoff
Eileen Baker
Amanda Bell
Juanita Bennett
Jacqueline Butts
Gregory Gervers
Patricia Hart
Scott Houp
Della Kemper
Jan Kushniroff
Sarah Lovell
Diana Marksberry
Skye McMahon
Vicky McMullen
Terry Moffitt
Deborah Napier-Lenox
Karen Partridge
Kelli Patterson
Anne Roberts
Michael Rosa
Diane Seiter
Jessica Soules
Scott Strange
Bryan Sweasy
Arlene Truitt
Michelle Willoughby
Teresa Zoda

Sarah Adkisson
Lauren Barnes
Stephanie Brockman
Peggy Daugherty
Jennifer Densler
Phyllis Ginn
Christina Herzog
Jessica Holleman
Trina Jolly
Darcy Koenig
Lisa Kramer
Jonathan Livingood
Jessica Miller
Pamela Sanchez
Lisa Schumann
Ellen Schwetschenau
Tammy Townsend
Richard Tyler
Jennifer Weber
John Wiseman
Kayla Brinkman
Jane Cahill
Robert Carr
Stephanie Clark
Tammy Crawford
Amber Delph
Laura Deters
Brandy Fritsch
Laura Gessner
Forrest Herles
Stephanie Hodges
Nancy Kaaz
Albert Kleisinger
Shawn Lehman
Erica Maloney-Stegman
Mechille Mason
Steven McNabb
Daniel Meyers
Chad Molley
Donald Moore
Marilyn Moscoe
Stephen Neace
Jessica Pass
Allison Pelfrey
Amanda Ponchot
Julie Purnell
Lauren Rainone
Sharon Reffitt
Christine Rottinghaus
Patricia Sexton
Laurabeth Smith
Elaine Stappenbeck
Gladys Tenjo
Jamie Wheeler
James Yates


Thursday, February 9, 2012

7 Juggernauts Named to the NKU Honors Band

Seven Lloyd High School Students were named to the NKU Honors Band. These students have worked very hard and have earned this distinctive honor.

Trumpets: Ian Himes & Phillip Richardson

Flutes: Morgan Morrison, Kaeli Perriman, & Hope Bradford

Clarinet: Megan McEntee

Alto Saxophone: Wesley Gault